What you desire, Desires you...It Is You!

All you have to do is Integrate your Life-force Energy. Your Astrological Blueprint is a detailed representation of your Life-force Energy, integrating this…Manifests your Deepest Desires: Love, Money and Health.

International Astrologer and Psychic

Melissa is a professional Vedic and Western Astrologer, reading charts for thousands of clients all over the world. She’s had latent psychic abilities since she was a child, however through two NDE’s, her abilities heightened into the inter-dimensional space of ‘no-time’ where all possibilities, past, present and future are known, and in her awareness, right now.

Master Life-force Energy Integrator

Once your kundalini life-force energy is fully integrated, manifestations will occur with just the ‘thought’ of it. The thought will materialize instantly, within 24-hours or few days; no longer than this. This is an energetic process, and to be in the presence of someone able to do this, will ‘transfer’ those abilities to you. Melissa has been manifesting with ‘thought’ alone since her last NDE in 2008.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a detailed Blue Print of your Life-force Energy?  Something that details all the pinnacles and pitfalls in life…something that if energetically integrated will ALWAYS manifest your deepest desires.  There is, and I’ve spent my life BEING it…to share with you.

Astrology is a complex energetic configuration of specific aspects unique to a soul’s incarnation. It is ancient occult knowledge originating from eastern Vedic texts; only understood and interpreted by the Brahman or Priest class, later called Gurus.  It details your life-force manifestations, unique genetic proclivities, and life purpose (inherent desires) through various chart overlays.

How This Benefits You in the HERE & NOW:

  • Details Specifically How to Manifest Your Deepest Desires
  • Details your Capacity for Wealth and Income from ANY Source
  • When to Start a Business or Expand your Business; Any challenges associated with this and how to overcome these challenges
  • How to Overcome any Health Challenges
  • Capacity to Love with Specific timing on when you will meet your Life Partner or Twin Flame
  • Details Your Specific Energetic Patterns: This Life and Past Life
  • Details Your Specific Cycles of Growth, Expansion, and Learning